Over 1000 people die each day because of us. Because of our greed, overconsumption, wastefulness, millions of people around the world are suffering.

Whether it’s our diet or travel, nearly everything we do produces “greenhouse gases” which are heating the planet. This contributes to extreme weather such as floods, drought and famine. What we do at home is directly affecting communities worldwide.

Just this year Cyclone Idai swept through Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe, leaving behind a trail of destruction, killing hundreds of people and affecting an estimated 3 million people.

Allah (SWT) says in the Holy Qur’an:

“To save a life, it is as if you have saved all of mankind” (5:32)

People are dying. It’s time to change.

The UK has a proud record of taking international action on climate change and this year the  UK committed to a target for when our greenhouse gas emissions will reach “net zero” making Britain the first major economy to do so. However we think the government can do better.

Islamic Relief is calling on the UK government to adopt the following:

1)  Achieving the net-zero greenhouse gas target by, if not before, 2045.

2)   Immediately outline plans to increase the policies and funding needed to achieve “net-zero” emissions.

This will help prevent further climatic disasters and save hundreds of thousands of lives. If we don’t act now, the damage will be irreversible.

We need you to call upon your MP to add their name to a joint letter to the Prime Minister asking the Government to fulfil their pledge and commit to this target in law before it’s too late.

Climate change is killing people. Take action now.

Write to your MP and help save lives.

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